Light Weight Linen Drapery Panels

These panels are made from 100% Linen. The fabric costs about $40.00 a yard.

Price is for 2 Panels, or 2 widths.

*Up to 108" long

Curtains are lined in Dimout or Blackout.

Many Choices - Fabric are listed, in the order of their appearance; you will probably have to count.

Choose TOPS, 4 Choices

1.Pleated Tops

Each Panel is about 25" wide (after pleating) x up to 108" long, comes with drapery pins. (You'll have 2 panels) If you want the 2 Panels to hang only on each side, for looks; then you'll be fine. But, to close pleated tops at night, they are going to look skimpy and probably will not close completely, Most people will order 3 widths instead of 2, so the window can be closed at night. Text me if you need help, 256-347-4089.

2.Grommets - There will be a  $30.00 extra charge later, for the grommets. You will get 2 widths, or panels, and these will cover a window up to 60" wide, and will close at night.

3.With a 3" Rod Pocket to Sheer on rod - This is not done much anymore, but I'll leave it to you as an options.

4.Tabs on the back for a different look (Pictured) - When these are pushed back on each side, they resemble pleated drapes. There is a tab sewn onto the back of the 2 widths, or panels, which allows you to thread the rod through the tabs. The advantage of this style is that it will cover a window, up to 60" wide, and can be pulled closed at night