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 Christmas is on its way! What are you getting your best friend who has everything and your grandmother who wants nothing. How about a piece of original art? Or, how about one of our other favorite things?

you see..

Painting has become my therapy for getting through this life. 

   My soul is permanently unsettled by the death of my grandson. There has been few mornings when I haven’t broken down in tears, even though he has been gone for over 5 years.

  That fact alone is still so unbelievable to me.

   At Christmas, 2021, I saw an old photo of Curt, standing on his back porch, all bundled up, with a snowball in his hand. It was one of those rare occasions when it snowed in the South. Curt was so enjoying it, as he did everything.

   I felt inspired to paint a Christmas tree, with a little boy, Curt, all bundled in winter clothes, standing and looking up at a beautiful snow covered, lighted tree. It took me all day to paint it. I felt such peace that day. I thought, “Wow, I wish I could paint everyday,” simply because of the peace that I felt.

   Since that day, I have been in search of that peace through painting. It is what I will do for the rest of my life, until I am allowed to be with Curt.

Shipping - About 2 weeks

-Dianne Lee

There are no Returns on Art Pieces.