#127 Faux "FAKE" Roman YOU PAY  1/2  DOWN

#127 Faux "FAKE" Roman YOU PAY 1/2 DOWN

$ 72.00
Yes, I understand that what I am paying today is exactly 1/2 the price, I will be expected to pay the other 1/2 at shipping. Our 1/2 Price is not intended to fool or deceive. The 1/2 down payment allows some clients to buy our product that maybe could not otherwise. I also understand if I can not make the final payment when asked, that By Harrington will happily break it down into 4 easy payments for you.
We use Shrouded Cords, which means the cords are covered and cannot be "pulled out" from the shrouded. These cords are $15.00 extra per roman, to be collected at shipping with your balance. ALTHOUGH THESE CORDS ARE DESIGNED TO PROTECT CHILDREN FROM A CHOKING HAZARD, CHILDREN SHOULD BE WATCHED AT ALL TIMES, THEREFORE WE RELINQUISH ALL RESPONSIBILITY TOWARD OUR PRODUCTS SAFETY.
This answer will help us in sending the correct hardware

Discounted Sale Price is $144.00

You Pay 1/2 Down $72.00 & Other 1/2 @ Shipping

Regular Lining Only

Made with a Series of Tucks across the back and drawn to a STATIONARY position, so that it looks like a Drawn Roman, but in fact it is merely a Valance.

These can be used over blinds just simply to add color or to finish off a window.

NOTE: This Faux Roman can match any Roman on our website.You have to tell us what fabric you want to use (SPECIAL REQUEST BLANK). You may prefer to look through our Fabrics (located on in the middle of Home Page) and choose one, remembering the name and number. Text, if you need help.