Roman Shade #306  (YOUR FABRIC, Our Lining & Labor)

Roman Shade #306 (YOUR FABRIC, Our Lining & Labor)

$ 210.00
This answer will help us in sending the correct hardware
We'll need to make the cord a little longer if over a Sink
e.g. Color of fabric. etc.
When ordering more than one roman, you may want to add a LABEL., e.g. Bedroom, right window, Sunroom, middle window. This will help us and will help you when you receive them.
If you are not sure which option to choose, please return to our Home page and click on "All Questions Answered About Roman Shades", then scroll down to SLATS OR TUCKS for an explanation.
Child Encased Safety Cords - These cords are $25.00 per roman extra. To read about these cords or to order these cords, just click this link:
These cords can be ordered on the above link, by " adding to cart ", or will can bill you later. You may be able to save on shipping by ordering them now.
This cord lock and pulley system is an extra $50.00. To read about this system, or to order this system by "adding to cart", just click this link:
You do not have to pay now; we will bill you later if you prefer, in about 3 weeks, however you may save on shipping if you order them now.


(*Please no upholstery fabric, or thin, or "stretchy" fabric, and hopefully 54" wide)

1. How many yards do you send? Take the length of your window and add 18". So, if your window is 72" long + the 18", you need 90" (2 1/2 yds.)

2. Be prepared to tell us if you want tucks sewn across the back, as in #103, OR if you want wooden slats across the back, as in #115 (flat on the front).

3.Do not order this roman until you have all shipping information on the fabric. Fabric should be Side Marked with your Last Name. (Fabric Shipped From? How many Yards? Color? Print/Solid? Expected Date of Shipping? Etc.)

Ship To: By Harrington 

865 County Road 1511

Tiny House Lane

Cullman Al 35058

Text if you need us: 256-347-4089